The former mayor of new York plans to invest $500 million in the closing of all coal power plants by 2030

Бывший мэр Нью-Йорка планирует вложить $500 млн в закрытие всех угольных электростанций США до 2030 года

According to Michael Bloomberg, it is possible to implement because, for example, the 289 stations were closed in 2011, and the process continues.

Bloomberg outlined his plan, adding that “climate change is primarily a political problem, not a scientific complication or technical puzzle”.

Bloomberg noted that will work with States and utilities to close “every single coal plant in the U.S. until 2030.” According to him, this goal is achievable.

“We’re halfway there” – he added, remembering the closure of nearly three hundred coal-fired power plants, closed in 2011.

“Politicians continue to make promises to mitigate climate change to 2050 is hypocritical. After they leave, nobody can hold them accountable,” said Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is also working to halt the construction of new gas plants.

“By the time they are constructed, they will lose relevance, because renewables will be cheaper,” he added.