The former presidential candidate stole a huge diamond: “experts of Russia”

У бывшего кандидата в президенты украли огромный бриллиант: «эксперты из России»

The woman was the victim of a brazen swindlers who presented themselves as experts on precious stones

The diamond, which cost just rolls over 45 million euros were stolen during the “assessment” of the gemstone.

The Scam took place in the French capital Paris. And the victim was the former presidential candidate of Guinea Marie-Madeleine Dioubate. Policies settled in the hotel Warwickи invited specialists in the study of precious stones to those issued to the owner of a diamond certificate is required, writes the Correspondent.

It is reported that the invited experts were from Russia.

Men during the procedure was able to replace the stone, standing just fabulous money.

Diabate found that the stone was a fake merely after two days. It is clear that the “experts” by the time gone.

The woman immediately turned to the French police. Police are now studying footage from surveillance cameras and trying to get on the trail of clever thieves.

As we wrote earlier, well-known Ukrainian journalist got into the hands of bandits, he slipped clonidine.

Several men robbed the editor of the channel, pour him a clonidine. In the night from 12 to 13 April in the Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev a group of men drugged and robbed of Victor, the well-known journalist, chief editor of news program of one of the major TV channels.

According to him, the night before the journalist was resting in the company of two acquaintances to him, the company had consumed alcohol and later moved for a party.

Here they were joined by two members of the party, the result of which was sad for mediyschikov. Most likely, they slipped in a drink clonidine, after which he passed out. Taking advantage of his helplessness, the attackers stole his personal belongings and Bank cards, money and values. In addition, they stole the car of the victim.

On this fact criminal case is brought.

It was also reported that a gang of racketeers who are exercising psychological pressure and threatened with physical violence, engaged in “knocking out” the non-existent debts from businessmen, has exposed the staff of Management of SB of Ukraine in Lviv region.

In particular, the operatives of the security services was detained in the outskirts of the city, one of the members of the organized group, which demanded from the local of 3,700 USD.

According to preliminary information, the blackmailer is arrested without the right of bail. The issue of the notice and election of a measure of restraint to other members of the gang.

У бывшего кандидата в президенты украли огромный бриллиант: «эксперты из России»

У бывшего кандидата в президенты украли огромный бриллиант: «эксперты из России»