The former star of “Ural dumplings” made an expensive gift to mother

Экс-звезда "Уральских пельменей" сделала дорогой подарок маме

The mother of Yulia Mikhalkova was very glad such a chic gift for a birthday.

The former participant of the program “Ural dumplings” Yulia Mikhalkov decided to give his mother a birthday classy gift – a car. For this she even flew in just half a day from the capital to his native Yekaterinburg.

In storis on his page on “Instagram” Julia told the fans chose the car for my mom. According to the actress, her mother prefers smaller cars and believes that they are best suited for country trips.

The girl decorated the car with red and white balloons and a huge red bow. Then she called her mother and congratulated happy birthday and asked her to look out the window. Yulia’s mother was very glad this chic gift.

Earlier Yulia Mikhalkov said that he had gone from “the Ural pelmeni” because of the fact that she wanted creative growth. Money was only one of the factors for decision-making about care. However, former colleagues of the actress believe that the fact that Mikhalkov was underestimated in the team.