The French called the most expensive wine on the planet

Французы назвали самое дорогое вино на планете

Wealthy lover it will cost €30 thousand per bottle.

France named most expensive to date wine. It was the drink produced in the South-West of France, in Bordeaux – Liber Pater (among the specialists quite often – AOC Graves), informs the French edition of Vitisphere.

Founded in 2006, the winery winemaker loïc Easter cake appreciates a bottle of harvest 2015 of €30 million, which is seven times more expensive than conventional average cost wines. Liber Pater was able to circumvent his famous predecessor Burgundy “Domaine de La Romanee-Conti” (in the environment of experts you can often find the name of the DRC), which is asking an average of €18 per bottle.

The manufacturer claims that exceeded the quality of the DRC. The secret of such a high price of Liber Pater in the use of ungrafted, original and growing from its own roots vines. The thing is that now almost all the local winemakers planted grafted local varieties of grape rootstocks of American varieties. Since the nineteenth century this was done to combat imported from USA with phylloxera, the insects that are feeding on roots, was decimated French vineyards: the number of American varieties were resistant to them.

Transition to native French vineyards (says the PA, “on the wine until the phylloxera”) and produced by it makes the wine so expensive, because of the germs in this case requires additional care. While the winemaker has produced just 500 bottles of which are sold only 240. They are designed especially for connoisseurs, however, how broad the demand is there, we can only guess.