The French during the quarantine “addicted” to movies, antidepressant with Louis de Funes

Французы во время карантина "подсели" на фильмы-антидепрессанты с Луи де Фюнесом

Films with the participation of world famous comedian Louis de Funes became a real Energizer for the French during the quarantine.

“When things are going badly, remains Louis,” wrote one of the band members fans of Louis de Funes JustLouisDeFunes on Twitter.

Many viewers say that while watching a movie with this actor they forget about their worries.

As noted, the screening of France 2 TV channel “Big walk” with the participation of the comedian gathered at the screens of 5 million French people, and his repeated demonstration – 17 million?? viewers. Therefore, the television on Sunday showed “the adventures of Rabbi Jacob”, and in the coming days – “megalomania” and “Frozen.”

TV channel M6 Monday starts the demonstration of movies about the gendarme Ludovic Cruchot. And Canal+ promises in April to its subscribers “marathon of laughter” “Movie + De Funes”.

The name of the famous French actor Louis Germain David de Funes de Galarza. It was shot mostly in comic strips and, as a rule, played a major role.

His entire filmography consists of 153 films. One film de Funes was removed as a Director and wrote screenplays for six films.