The French Minister urged not to abuse the English language

Французский министр призвал не злоупотреблять английским языком

The Minister of culture of France Franck Riester called on the French to reduce the use of anglicisms in everyday speech.

It is noted that the Minister’s call is timed to the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the law governing the use of French on television and radio.

“The law of the Thu Bon – 25 years! This interpretation of article 2 of our Constitution: the language of Republic is French. Our daily lives would be very different without this simple requirement – to talk French!” – Rister wrote on Twitter, urging the French to support the state language in terms of linguistic globalization.

Offer Riester has caused mixed reactions from the citizens of the country. A lot of people pointed to the fact that the President and Emmanuel macron himself regularly uses English idioms, for example, “nation of startups”. Also – for the promotion of French innovation and technology – the leading company in the country.