The French newspaper was “secret Santa” for the residents of Minsk

Французская газета стала «тайным Сантой» для жителя Минска

The popular French newspaper “20 minutes” talked about how he had collected and sent a Christmas gift of 30-year-old Belarusian from Minsk, using community “Secret Santa” in a large social network Reddit, the website “Belarus and the world”.

The journalists decided to participate in the event, which annually organizes the community in December: anyone can collect and send a gift to a stranger of any other country, also received a gift – from a completely different person.

In the draw the French fell the task to congratulate the thus 30-year-old Pasha from Minsk. In his questionnaire he indicated that he enjoys football, “Manchester United” Wayne Rooney show “Comedy club” and painting cars.

The journalists decided that the choice of gift will primarily use the football theme.

The first ingredient of the parcel was a framed photo of Belarusian striker Maxim Tsigalko, who unexpectedly became the star of the video game “Football Manager” of the season 2001-2002.

The second book titled “My autobiography” of the legendary coach of the British club “Manchester United” of sir Alex Ferguson.

The third – caramel bars “Carambar”, which for over 60 years, are produced in France and on the wrapper of which the inner side of the printed jokes. To laugh at them, the recipient was advised to use “Google Translate”.

The editors will draw received a gift also from Belarus, from a resident of Minsk Yulia.

The package was popular science book by American author bill Bryson “a short history of nearly everything” translated into French, mug outer colour chocolate “Lyubimaya Alenka” and a card “happy New year!”

For reference, the community of “Secret Santa” on the website Reddit began to operate in 2009. Then, in the exchange of gifts was attended by about 4 thousand people. Every year their number increased and now reaches hundreds of thousands.

It is curious that in 2013 global equities involved bill gates. This time he gave the parcel with the many gifts the girl from the American state of Michigan. The package weighed 36 kg.

“20 minutes” a free newspaper with a large circulation produced in France and is aimed at passengers. The title of the publication related to the amount of time that man supposedly spends reading it.

The newspaper has also versions that are published in Spain, Switzerland and Germany.