The French police called a terrorist act, massacre in the South of the country

Полиция Франции назвала террористическим актом резню на юге страны

The French police called terrorist act of slaughter not far from Grenoble.

French police have described the attack in Grenoble in a tobacco shop a terrorist act. In the attack, two were killed and five more wounded.

Yesterday, April 4, the attacker entered the tobacco shop in Rome-sur-isère, near Grenoble, and killed the owners and customers. Then he attacked a few people in two other stores before he was arrested.

A crime is suspected the man from Sudan, who lived in the city.

The police reported that detained two more. According to prosecutors, the suspect was “found on my knees praying on the sidewalk in Arabic”. The detainee asked the police to kill him. During a search of the suspect was discovered “handwritten religious texts.”

Note that currently in France has been quarantined due to pandemic coronavirus. People should be allowed to leave the house to buy food and to play sports.