The French President is not allowed to watch the performance, the protesters

Президенту Франции не дали досмотреть спектакль протестующие

Emanuel of Macron and his wife immediately evacuated from the theater in Paris, tried to break the protesters.

The French President and his wife urgently brought from the Paris theatre due to the fact that there tried to break the protesters. It is reported channel BFMTV.

According to the channel, the Makron with his wife Brigitte Makron came to the theater buff du Nord, in the tenth arrondissement of Paris. After that, the building began to catch protesters who tried to go inside and shouted slogans in protest against pension reform. Despite the fact that protesters pushed law enforcement agencies, the President still decided to evacuate.

As has told a source close to the politician, the macron has promised to continue to visit the theatres with his wife, despite the actions of the protesters.

“The President will continue to go to the theatre with his wife, as he usually does,” the source said.

France covered a new wave of mass protests against pension reform that involves a transition to a point system, as in Russia. Its opponents believe that the government are forcing workers de facto retirement not at age 62, and 64 and even 67.