The “French” served “AVTOVAZ”: The Renault Logan Stepway is better LADA Vesta Cross said the blogger

«Французы» уделали «АвтоВАЗ»: Чем Renault Logan Stepway лучше LADA Vesta Cross рассказал блогер

French cross sedan is offered with a large number of transmissions and motors and at a lower price.

Blogger from the channel “Simple mind” in the latest video he said, than “French” Renault Logan Stepway better than domestic LADA Vesta Cross. Both cars are marketed as off-road sedans, so he decided to compare them.

LADA Vesta Cross is available in 7 trim levels, with two engines working in tandem with two CAT. Under the hood the Russian all terrain sedan received the 1.6 – and 1.8-liter engines with manual transmission or “robot”. I wonder what the LADA Vesta Cross is offered in ten color options – among them only white color free and the other will have to pay from 12 000 to 18 000 rubles.

For the initial equipment of LADA Vesta Cross with a 1.6-litre engine and manual gearbox will have to pay from 759 000. The top version of the domestic cross-sedan will cost 850 000 rubles. The difference is almost 100 000 provides contrast in the power settings and the availability in maximum modification more advanced multimedia center.

Renault Logan Stepway is available in four trim levels, equipped with three different engines and three different transmissions under the hood French cross-the sedan has a 82-horsepower, 102-horsepower and 113-strong units. They operate a manual transmission, automatic transmission and a CVT. The CVT works only with the most powerful engine, the motor power 102 horsepower works together with automatic transmission and manual transmission, and 82 strong the plant is operated in tandem only with the “mechanics”.

Behind the cheapest version of the Renault Logan Stepway will have to give 662 000 rubles, and the top-end equipment will cost 857 990 rubles.

Standard equipment all terrain “Logan” are ABS and power steering, and the top-end version equipped with all security systems, driver’s assistants, and climate control. In addition, the blogger noted that the all terrain kit is more suitable for Renault Logan, LADA Vesta than for a Cross. The blogger concluded that the equipment”, the French” beat “AVTOVAZ” and did Logan Stepway more attractive.

«Французы» уделали «АвтоВАЗ»: Чем Renault Logan Stepway лучше LADA Vesta Cross рассказал блогер

«Французы» уделали «АвтоВАЗ»: Чем Renault Logan Stepway лучше LADA Vesta Cross рассказал блогер