The Frenchman could not cross the channel on a flyboard – video

Француз не смог пересечь Ла-Манш на флайборде - видео

Franky Zapata tried to cross the English channel through 110 years after the first flight of the aircraft through it

Frenchman Franky Zapata could not cross the channel on jet-powered flying Board, reports the BBC.

Zapata hoped to move from Northern France to southern England in just 20 minutes. But he fell in the water halfway, trying to land on the boat to refuel.

He flew from the beach in Sangatte, near Calais, about 9:00 local time on Thursday. Zapata tried to keep an average speed of 140 km/h, flying at an altitude of 15-20 feet above the water.

He had previously warned that the wind could make the journey in 35 km “more difficult”. According to the representative of his team, Zapata was injured when falling into the water.

Zapata tried to fly the English channel, exactly 110 years after Bleriot made the first flight across the Strait in 1909.

Franky Zapata has won wide media attention after the annual parade on the Bastille Day in Paris in early July, after taking part in his futuristic flyboard.

The invention the size of a skateboard equipped with five small jet engines and works on kerosene, which is located in the backpack pilot.