The front of the Donbass: as the drone APU is “hunting” for terrorists. VIDEO

Фронт на Донбассе: как беспилотник ВСУ ведет "охоту" на террористов. ВИДЕО

The network showed a video with the results of reconnaissance drones Armed forces of Ukraine. They recorded the movement of groups of terrorists on positions that are clearly visible on the frame aerial.

Their unveiled visit volunteer Fund “Turn alive” in Facebook, noting that the front is now sorely lacking small drones, which have shown great effectiveness in dealing with the enemy.

“The video is a clear example of their daily work and, of course, a dozen Russian mercenaries. These small modern machines give the opportunity to see the enemy from the height: is to see his position to see the weaknesses and weapons; to estimate the number of personnel of the occupiers,” said the volunteers.

They also recalled that at the time, these copters have changed the course of the war and continue to help the Ukrainian defenders to expose enemy positions. And now none of the division, including alpha, power steering, MTR, infantry and scouts, can not imagine their daily service without these modern gadgets, which are called technical means of intelligence.