The full moon in January 2020, when you see him in Ukraine

January 10, 2020 in Ukraine will be possible to observe the full moon. Already since January 11, the Moon will pass into a stage of falling.

Full Moon – moon phase in which the Land is located between the sun and the Moon, and so it is visible only lit her side. The moon full moon is a proper bright disk.

A very precise moment of the full moon is calculated in astronomy, and in life the full moon is considered to be the period of a few days, when the Moon is visually almost indistinguishable from full.

When it’s full moon

The full moon phase of the moon opposite the new moon, when its sunlit hemisphere is fully visible to the earthly observer. Generally the full moon falls on the 15th day of the lunar cycle. The calendar in which the beginning of a new month starts after full moon is called purnimanta. The near full moon can be observed on the night of 10 January 2020.

What not to do in the full moon

In folk belief says that the full moon become stronger tides, plants stretch up and fill with juices. The full moon affects health and wellbeing.

The full moon, I advise you not to quarrel, because negativity is necessarily fraught with bad consequences. Banned this day all financial transactions: try not to sign associated with money and documents. Also the day when the Moon is full, there is a period of purity and harmony, it is important to conduct a General cleaning of the house.

Полнолуние в январе 2020 года: когда его увидят в Украине

Полнолуние в январе 2020 года: когда его увидят в Украине

The full moon January 10, 2020 / Photo: Google Images