The full moon in July 2020: date

Полнолуние в июле 2020: дата

Полнолуние в июле 2020: дата

A full month in Ukraine can be seen July 5, 2020. And the Moon will pass in leaving the stage on July 6.

The full moon is the phase where the Earth is between the sun and the Moon. In Ukraine, this phase will come July 5, reports 24 channel.

A month will turn into a bright correct disk in 7:44. And the lights in this phase can affect people in different ways.

Full moon – the period of energy explosion in the human body that affects the physical condition. People in this period the maximum accumulated spending power.

Auspicious days

In July: 1, 2, 8. These days should pay attention to important matters and also to take up new ideas.

Unfavorable days

These days astrologers are advised to postpone important matters and pay attention to their health. In July, unfavorable days – 5, 13, 20, 27.

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