The full moon in November 2019, when we can see in Ukraine

Полнолуние в ноябре 2019: когда можно увидеть в Украине

In November 2019 the full moon will be visible the evening of 12 October. From 13 November, the Moon will move into a stage of diminishing

The full moon is the phase of the moon when clearly shows its shape and it is fully covered. This phenomenon occurs when the Earth is between the sun and the Moon. Monthly hemisphere facing the Earth is fully illuminated by the rays of the sun and looks like a circular disk.

When it’s full moon

The full moon occurs about once a month – on average every 29.53 day. That is why the lunar calendar is the full moon falls or the 14th, or the 15th day of the month. Soon the full moon will be visible the night of 12 November. The full moon can be seen to the setting Moon at 7:16 on November 13.

How does the full moon on human health

The full moon is a time of close interaction of the Sun and moon together. This negative days, which are marked with ultrahigh energy. Then people can have poor health, anxiety.

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Inspired by folklore of many world cultures, is the full moon come out to hunt werewolves and vampires. Also many years ago, there was a belief that ordinary people under the influence of the moon can also be slightly lose contact with reality. The most striking example – especially violent somnambulism (sleepwalking) in people who have this disease.

Полнолуние в ноябре 2019: когда можно увидеть в Украине

If you ask the police or ambulance workers, some of them probably will say that at full moon there are more accidents, attacks and insanity.

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