The full moon in October 2019, when we can see in Ukraine

Полнолуние в октябре 2019: когда можно увидеть в Украине

In October 2019, the full moon will be visible around midnight on 15 October. Already on 16 October, the month goes into the stage drop-down

The full moon is the phase of the moon when clearly shows its shape and it is fully covered. This phenomenon occurs when the Earth is between the sun and the Moon. Monthly hemisphere facing the Earth is fully illuminated by the rays of the sun and looks like a circular disk.

Important: Lunar calendar for October 2019

When it’s full moon

The full moon occurs about once a month and average about 29.53 day. That is why those monthly calendars or full moon falls on 14th or 15th day of the month. Soon the full moon will be visible in the night October 14 at 00:11.

The influence of full moon on human

The full moon is traditionally associated with insomnia or insanity and various “magical phenomena”. Also the full moon like to compare with somnambulism. However, psychologists have found that there is no hard evidence of the impact of full moon on human behavior.

Scientists believe that such studies are generally not consistent, some show a positive effect while others show negative. For example, in December 2000, “British medical journal” published two opposing studies regarding dog bites.

The study Bedfordshi Royal hospital indicated that dog bites were twice as frequent during the full moon. However, studies of public hospitals in Australia, published in the same journal, did not reveal any change in the behavior of animals during the full moon.

Полнолуние в октябре 2019: когда можно увидеть в Украине

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