The fun is in full swing: in the Luhansk region “lit” acres of hemp, eloquent frames

What happens in Flint district, Luhansk region – the police..

The guards, patrolling Kremennaya district of Lugansk region from the air, found a huge cannabis field area in hectares and burned it.

Alerted about this by the press service of Ukraine in Luhansk region.

As they say law enforcement officers: “Members of Kremin Department of police together with employees of Department of counteraction of narcocrime and operatives GUNP in the Luhansk region during carrying out working off in the framework of the national preventive operation “poppy” during aeronautici near the village of Yepifanivka Kreminna district showed wild-growing hemp on a total area of 1 ha. the police seized from a field of more than 800 000 bushes of wild hemp, which are destroyed by burning”.

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The fact of the offense was. Landowner acres of wild hemp could face administrative responsibility.