“The function of self-destruction” is disabled? UAZ “Patriot” stops rust

«Функция самоликвидации» отключена? УАЗ «Патриот» перестанет ржаветь

Better late than never. Ul’yanovskiy Zavod did what you had to do 10 years ago.

The main complaint of “bazovogo”, despite the constant, according to the management of the Ulyanovsk plant, improvement, stands rusting, and so “fast” that the car loses its attractive appearance even before the completion of the warranty period. Ulyanovsk engineers thought and came to the conclusion that, nevertheless, can be something to undertake in the framework of the “traditionally limited” budget. The production of UAZ and “Patriot” in particular will be modernized. To change the technology of the paint.

On the line now uses a new generation of soil brand PPG, against a patented American technology. This doubles the resistance of metal to corrosion and the durability of the paint. The car is longer it will look attractive and well-groomed.

Rivets, in particular, attachment of the mudguards, will now be made of galvanized metal. A slightly modified design of the contact elements in the area of “headlamp-wing” regulated and reduced clearances.

The UAZ “Patriot” with automatic transmission replaced by a plastic overlay of the front fenders, which prevents the accumulation of stagnant water and mud and, accordingly, produces a speedy corrosion. To handle door hinges already picked up the wax with improved corrosion-resistant properties and protective properties.

Innovations will affect all SUVs, but most of all, “disable” “quick of self-destruction” will please those who plan to buy UAZ “Patriot” with an automatic transmission, the price of which starts from 1,034 million rubles, and “top” is from 1.27 million rubles. Worst of all could be the future owners of the “Russian Prado”, which will grow by 8%.

«Функция самоликвидации» отключена? УАЗ «Патриот» перестанет ржаветь

«Функция самоликвидации» отключена? УАЗ «Патриот» перестанет ржаветь