The Fund has told about the scheme of withdrawal of assets from the Bank of the famous banker

В Фонде рассказали о схеме вывода активов из банка известного банкира

Andrew Onistrat

Shortly before the introduction of the interim administration carrying value of the assets of the Bank “national credit” was reduced by 600 million.

“If on January 1, 2015, the carrying value of assets of PJSC “Bank national credit” has made more than 2,5 billion UAH, at the time of introduction of temporary administration (8 June 2015) this amount results from the application of the various schemes has been reduced to 1.9 billion UAH”, – said the Director of the Department of asset management of the Deposit guarantee Fund Olga bilay.

“Estimated value of all assets “Natskredit” was even lower – just 178 million, or 9% of the amount specified “on paper”, she added.

It was used several schemes, of which the most harm inflicted withdrawal from the correspondent account of Bank Frick and Co Aktiengesellschaft (Liechtenstein) is in favor of newly established foreign-based companies with workers “Natskredit”.

“Therefore, PJSC “Bank national credit” was caused damage totaling more than $ 25 million (about 600 million UAH), which was actually stolen from its depositors. In this case, the Bank documents allegedly owned liquid assets”, – stated in the message.


As you know, June 5, 2015, the national Bank took PJSC “national Credit Bank” insolvent.

Bank “national credit” was founded in 1996. The largest shareholder on 1 April 2015 were Andrew Onistrat (30,4373%).

According to the national Bank, by January 1, 2015 by total assets of the Bank “national credit” ranked 57th (2,499 billion) among the 158 Ukrainian banks.

Law enforcement officers said Onistrat on suspicion of embezzlement 597 million.

After a career banker Onistrat Jogging and running his own video blog.

В Фонде рассказали о схеме вывода активов из банка известного банкира