The funeral of Russian singer Julia Nachalova moved

Похороны российской певицы Юлии Началовой перенесли

The funeral of Russian singer Julia Nachalova, who died March 16 at the age of 38 in Moscow, will be held March 21 at the Troekurov cemetery in Moscow.

About this informed the official representative of the singer Anna Isaeva, writes TASS.

Isayev called the date and place of burial Nachalovo.

Julia will be buried on Troekurov cemetery, street Rabinowe, 24, Thursday, March 21. Farewell to Julia in the memorial hall from 12 to 14 hours
– said Anna.

We will add that earlier it was reported that the singer will be buried March 19.

Nachalova urgently taken to hospital on 11 March after the state of the singer deteriorated due to diabetic crisis. She had a red erythematosus, double pneumonia, sepsis and gangrene. After some time, the singer had to connect to the ventilator, started swelling. Nachalovo started failing internal organs, particularly the kidneys. It entered into a state of drug-induced coma, after which she never woke up.

Before hospitalization Nachalova heavily rubbed leg. Her friend told her that the wound every day has become a disease until it was like a hole. The wound was slow to heal, although Julia regularly processed and filled with lidocaine. Then the doctors suspected a blood infection. After the actress became worse, there was a question about the amputation of his leg.

The exact cause of the death of Nachalovo is not yet known. It can be acute heart failure, brain swelling and failure of internal organs, which have arisen due to complications of gout (the deposition in various body tissues of uric acid crystals).