The game GTA VI will be exclusive to PlayStation 5

Игра GTA VI станет эксклюзивом PlayStation 5

Sony only recently announced the release of the PlayStation next generation, but rumors about the games that will be released on the console have already started to spread across the network. In particular, some journalists are convinced that the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto VI will be released on the PS5, moreover, it may become exclusive to the new consoles.

As reported Сomicbook, Sony paid Take-Two Interactive a significant amount to make Grand Theft Auto VI within one month after the release was exclusive not yet available PlayStation 5.

Likely story. According to an insider, the events of the sixth numbered part will unfold in Miami and new York, and the premiere of the game can be expected in 2020, even though Sony has not yet named the exact date of start of sales of the PS5.


Other versions. New rumors contradict last year’s guesses. In 2018, the information appeared that GTA VI is created under the code name Project Americas. Rockstar is allegedly going to throw gamers in Vice city, copied solnechnogo Miami, and new city somewhere in South America.

Given the slow pace of development, the journalists suggested that before 2022, the novelty will not be on the shelves of gamers. However, you need to understand that both ears could be confirmed, and can be treated with skepticism.

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