“The game of the KGB”: Portnikov revealed Putin’s cunning plan to replace Surkov

''Игра КГБ'': Портников раскрыл коварный план Путина по замене Суркова

Journalist Vitaly Portnikov called reshuffle in Russia, namely change in the position of “curator of the Kremlin in the Donbas,” Vladislav Surkov, Dmitry Kozak, the game of the KGB.

“I just want to remind the reader how many reviews after the new Russian government was not found Dmitry Kozak. As my colleagues explained that it means a strengthening of the “hawks” in the entourage of Vladimir Putin, that “dove” Kozak expectations of a ruler and why. And when there was a message on the appointment of Dmitry Kozak, Deputy head of the presidential administration and the possible resignation of Surkov, the same people started with the same confidence to talk about the failure of the “hawks” and strengthening “the pigeons,” wrote Portnikov.

According to the journalist, no “hawks” and “doves” in the Kremlin a long time and there never was, they exist only “in fantasy, Vladimir Zelenskiy, Andrei Yermak and all-knowing of Ukrainian experts.”

“The Kremlin can argue is that about how exactly the best weapon to destroy Ukraine and to what degree, which is better, military operation, or internal destabilization. But decisions are still taken by Putin, not by Surkov or Kozak. Taken after consultations at the security Council agenda which shall be prepared by Nikolai Patrushev, not Surkov and Kozak”, – he wrote.

According to him, that is why all these “hawks” and “doves” – it’s all a game the KGB. Perhaps Putin wanted, he is convinced that to lure the Ukrainian President in a new trap and he decided to reinforce the demonstration of Kozak. Or the Kremlin decided to “play with the West in the “Moldovan scenario” for Ukraine” – and so put Kozak in the area where he will be able to show off their talents and provide the taming of the rebellious province, with the consent of the European Union and the United States.

“I cannot attempt to decipher Putin’s intentions, especially since they can change during the game. But one thing is certain – Surkov is not going anywhere. If not Surkov himself back, the performer of the role of the “hawks” in the Ukrainian direction will emerge soon. Maybe it will Patrushev – although such a high rank officials are often just too busy to meet with any sort of Ukrainian negotiators, not Imperial this business.

And, maybe, in the security Council of Russia transferred not of Surkov, and the current head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin. At the time Rogozin and Dmitry Kozak perfectly portrayed tandem “hawk” and “dove” on the Moldavian direction – and it succeeded. Why wouldn’t they charging to do the same simple dance for the gullible Ukrainian officials?”, – said Portnikov.

  • On the resignation of Vladislav Surkov became known in late January 2020. According to the Director of the Center for political conjuncture Alexei Chesnakov, this is due to “a change of course in the Ukrainian direction”.
  • Ukrainian journalist Yuri Butusov assured that Surkov’s resignation is overrated and will not change anything in the war of Russia against Ukraine.
  • The unofficial leader of “the Ukrainian direction” in Moscow became Deputy head of Putin’s Administration, Dmitry Kozak.