The game Rocket League can officially add Tesla electric car Cybertruck

Since Elon Musk has officially unveiled its electric car Tesla Cybertruck the novelty accumulated a lot of attention. In particular, gamers began to create custom mods with auto: Cybertruck already appeared in GTA games, Minecraft and Rocket League.

Tesla Cybertruck in the game Rocket League

It fans of Rocket League turned to Elon musk to grant developers the license to use the electric vehicle in the game.

One particularly active fan of Rocket League has created a petition addressed to Elon musk with a request to initiate a collaboration with Psyonix, creators of the game.

One goal: add to the race truck officially Cybertruck. The author requests even wrote a letter to Tesla in which he repeated his wish, attaching the most striking comments of users.

The presentation of the Tesla electric car Cybertruck – watch videos

The reaction of the company and Mask

The petition has gained success among fans of the game. At the time of publication of the material it was signed by almost 4,500 people. However, neither Musk nor other representatives of Tesla has not responded.

On the other hand, knowing the great love Ilona to the games, it is possible that eccentric inventor goes to meet gamers.

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