The gas companies should share the database of the Ukrainians, supplier

Облгазы должны поделиться базой данных украинцев, - поставщик

Otherwise, full market competition of gas for the population will not work.

Distribution companies should share the database of their customers with other gas market participants for the population to prevent it off-balance sheet activities. This was told CEO an independent provider of energy ETG Vladimir Swedish.

Customer data base has long been a matter of dispute between Naftogaz and regional gas companies, first trying to get through government regulations and memoranda of the IMF, the second was denied on the basis of court decisions. The reason for this confrontation – in the model of the natural gas market, the daily nomination.

“If you don’t know your forecast of the portfolio of consumer individuals, and they every day you create some unbalance, and this unbalance, negative or positive, is unprofitable; that is, the operation in the day… will be negative for your financial activities. Therefore, the provider that goes with your eyes closed in this market without the availability of data, carries huge risks. Therefore, there is the struggle for the profiles with the requirement to receive them, “- said the Swedish.

In this case, the database is in the hands of the gas companies, and they have this base with other market participants, including Naftogaz, share, as, according to them, financed its creation for its own account. However, says the Swedish, these data actually belong not to oblastima, and the consumers themselves.

“They do this data was collected, but only because that was the only operator who serves. Their monopoly was natural, but still technical, as no other distribution networks. They have these data due to the fact that these consumers passed on for dozens of years the data. But it is not a property of operators, timing”, – said the Swedish.

These data, the head of the ETG should be open. But the procedure for their transfer to new suppliers are required to make a civilized, not to prevent data leakage and to use it could only be the one the end user has chosen as the supplier.

“Must be a civilized process by which these data do not fall all in a row, and the only one supplier who has signed this application for accession, will be able to get this information and use them in the future category. Otherwise this model will be fairly inefficient. Especially for small and medium suppliers, which have little consumer. Because the less you have the portfolio of consumer, the harder it is to cover the unbalance in the day”, says the Swedish.

We will remind, Naftogaz has already started to offer the public to buy gas to bypass the distribution company.

Ukrainians will choose a gas supplier from 5-7 companies.

And in 2021, the gas can will buy from Ukrposhta and retail chain stores.

The same consumers who have a supplier goes bankrupt, will supply gas supplier “of last resort” at a price 2-3 times more expensive than the market.

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