The gas market of Ukraine has moved to daily balancing

Рынок газа Украины перешел на суточную балансировку

The company called it a key reform of the energy industry.

1 March 2019 the gas market of Ukraine has moved to daily balancing.

As the press service of Ukrtransgaz, is one of the key reforms in the energy sector, thanks to which Ukraine is now fully synchronized with Europe in the mode of operation of the gas market.

Daily balancing provides for a daily calculation of positive or negative imbalance service customer transportation of natural gas. The purpose of this reform is to make the gas market transparent and competitive and to harmonize the work of the operator of Ukrainian gas transportation system operators of the countries of Europe.

The government of Ukraine has assumed this obligation in 2014, the Association Agreement with the European Union.

The reform was developed by the information platform, the daily balancing, which is a web application based on SAP NetWeaver. It allows you to automate the processes of electronic interaction and document management between the subjects of the natural gas market operator GTS, operators of gas distribution networks (GDS) and customer services of gas transportation.

The system uses electronic documents and minimize processing time nominations for the transportation of natural gas to one day, gives you the opportunity to record the volume of gas entry and exit in the GTS in the context of the day and shaping the portfolio of each customer with details on its end-users.

Thus, the platform of GTS enables the operator to see the status of the off-balance sheet activities of customer service transportation of gas, to control a sufficient level of financial provision for each category, and consequently to assess their own operating costs and to predict possible losses.