The gas rises in price faster

Автогаз дорожает все быстрее

Retail network 21 may have increased the cost of liquefied gas in the range of 20-60 kopecks./l. this is evidenced by the daily monitoring of the retail market “Consulting group A-95″.

Consolidated network “Privat”, which owns the largest number of gas modules, increased prices on average by 19 kopecks./l to 8.80 UAH/liter. the highest increase of prices in the network are recorded in Ivano-Frankivsk region, where the group increased prices immediately by 65 liter – from 8.35 to 9 UAH/l. In all other regions prices were increased by 10-30 kopecks./l.

The price of gas at the gas station OKKO increased by 20 kopecks./l to 9.96 UAH/l. In the capital region, the network sells for 9,99 UAH/liter (+40 kopecks./l to the price 21 may).

the average raised prices by 29 kopecks./l, to 10.26 UAH/l. In the capital stations of the network, it accounts for 9.88 UAH/liter.

Glusco, KLO and “Avantage” raised prices by 10 to 60 kopecks./l. “avtotrans” – by 35 kopecks./l. (see table).

Recall, for the last week and a half prices of liquefied natural gas on the wholesale market amid rising demand jumped more than 40% – from 11 000 to 16 720 UAH/t.

The Ministry of industry.