The gastroenterologist told about the dangers of instant noodles

Гастроэнтеролог рассказала об опасности лапши быстрого приготовления

Gastroenterologist and nutritionist Dr. Dianova advised Russians not to eat instant noodles. According to her, such noodles at first glance may seem the cheapest and fastest way to satisfy hunger, but the health consequences can be much greater than saved money and time.

“The price of instant noodles says that in its composition contains only the cheap products of low quality. The products of the noodles are saturated with preservatives, stabilizers and flavor enhancers. They are rich in carbohydrates. About the content of healthy proteins and vitamins can not speak,” – says nutritionist.

Instant noodles are usually absorbed by the body within hours after ingestion, and then provokes increased secretion of insulin and increases glucose levels. If the noodles contains a dangerous emulsifier E322, it leads to the development of ulcers of the intestines and stomach.