The German autobahn thing of the past

Немецкие автобаны уходят в прошлое

Ever the environmentalists, the best of intentions, will end this world. Recently it became known that Germany may abandon its legendary high speed highways because of the introduction of the new law on the protection of the environment

The autobahn in Germany, like an artery for human beings. These roads stitch country through and through and for him, with high speed, moving hundreds of thousands of cars. Can you imagine that these roads may sink into oblivion? Of course not. This is the same as to deprive Paris of the Eiffel tower. But environmentalists only care about the well-being of nature, so what about the traditions and symbols they decided not to remember.

The fact that Germany is under threat of penalties from the European Commission for increased emissions of greenhouse gases and nitrogen oxide. According to the German Committee on the future of the transport system under the government, which prepared the bill targets the country has not improved since 1990.

For the sake of improvement, the Committee decided to take serious action, namely, to abolish tax incentives on diesel cars and to increase the quota on electric cars to increase fuel prices. There is another point to introduce a speed limit on the autobahn at around 130 kilometers per hour. Yes, on the slopes there are areas with speed limit, but this decision will lead all the way to a common denominator.