The German club has sold more than 68 thousand tickets on an imaginary match

The club’s fourth League Germany “Leipzig” was sold at the game against the “invisible opponent” more than 68 thousands of virtual tickets. This club has made in order to somehow prolong the existence of the club in such a difficult time.

Tickets can be purchased in the fan shop for 1 Euro. The sale of tickets, the club explained that is a difficult situation because of the pandemic coronavirus, all of the cups stopped, and the club need to exist.

About the same time the club announced in their social networks.

The money will benefit the club during coronavirus crisis – written by members of the club.

Note that the fans of the club without thinking twice purchased virtual tickets for the match.

I wonder what the real attendance records at the stadium “Plash” date back to 1955 when the local team played with the Munich “Bavaria” (55 thousand people). In 1987, when nearly 120,000 people came to the game Lokomotiv vs Bordeaux in the UEFA Cup, so many fans in the stands my head is spinning.

That’s what true devotion and love of the fans to the club.

Such small clubs who have no financial stability can be affected by the crisis.

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