The German doctor told me how to easily reduce the pressure

Немецкий врач рассказал, как можно легко снизить давление

German doctor Martin Hall is the Director of the center for preventive and sports medicine at the Technical University of Munich, said, how to reduce blood pressure. Reporters found that “Phrase”, it’s not necessary to drink tablets.

As quoted medic media, basic cause of pressure increase is excess weight, poor diet and low physical activity.

According to the doctor, to stabilize normal blood pressure, you can use the fresh air. It is noted that only fifteen minutes of this relaxation can relieve the pressure by 5-8 points. The medic stressed that such trips should occur in a “relaxed pace.”

As for the diet, the doctor suggest to reduce the consumption of sausage, cheese and bread. Instead prevalece on vegetables and fruits. In addition, he says, need to limit their intake of salt. He added that proper nutrition will reduce pressure another 5-10 points.