The Germans are offering in Russia of the updated Audi A8

Немцы предлагают в России обновленную Audi A8

The German manufacturer presented on the Russian market new high-end option to its flagship sedan Audi A8 – active suspension with the function of forecasting that optimizes the movement of vehicles on the poor surface.

With active suspension the car body is lifted or lowered by up to 85 mm from the middle position for half a second. This is happening on all four corners separately due to the compact electric motors are installed on each wheel of the Executive sedan.

Control of active suspension with the function of forecasting is based on data obtained from the front camera, which detects in advance the irregularities of the coating and adjusts the parameters of the shock absorbers. Before approaching to the irregularity of the system gives the actuator a command to perform a given turn, actively controlling the suspension.

Moreover, the camera zooms on the condition of the coating 18 times per second, thereby the entire complex process of adaptation of the suspension takes only a few milliseconds.

As a result, the road defects kompensiruet almost completely, significantly reduced body movements, and the machine moves smoothly. Audi A8 with such a function will be available from August this year.