The girl came up with an ingenious way ulacit your husband cheating

Девушка придумала гениальный способ, улечить своего мужа в измене

I did not think to determine exactly cheating on me or not. But when I learned it, began to think about how to expose him.

The solution was found very quickly.

I began to search his car and found a pack of condoms. She was already started, so I made holes in each little bundle.

After that, I’m about an hour put them in the dish with the habanero. While her husband slept, I put them in the back pocket of the front seat. When he stood up, said I would go to my mum and help her around the house. Got in the car and drove off.

Three hours later the phone rang, it was the best friend she said she had sex “with his” boyfriend, and now she has all the lights in that place! And when he returned home husband, he always put the bag with ice, and I was told that accidentally got burned.

No wonder his wife left him, and she lost communication with her best friend. They are not even aware that all of this did I.