The girl claims that would not be in a relationship with a man she doesn’t love

Девушка утверждает, что не была бы в отношениях с человеком, которого не любит

25-year-old Catherine Repacholi, concert Director and beloved 53-year-old Ukrainian singer Viktor Pavlik responded harshly to the spiteful critics, who accused her in the novel because of money and fame.

“I understand that the topic that I will touch on is as old as the world, and that I don’t have no excuses to anyone… but! What I read in the nets, in connection with the cover… it would be better not doing it,” wrote Repacova in Instagram.

The anger of the girl has provoked the reaction of the audience on the cover of the magazine Rest and candid interviews that have been vigorously criticized because of the huge age difference between lovers.

Repacholi published the top most common views of detractors, explaining its relationship with the artist. Fans believe that the girl began relationship with Pavlik for money and PR.

New passion of the singer claims that they have been together for four years, and so long communication is impossible without sincere feelings.

“You can never be with a man for 4 years and not love it, well at least with Victor Frankovitch that’s for sure! Loved ones know how it is specific people. And you should not consider EOF an idiot who suddenly turned his life 180 degrees, for a girl that is with him for the cover or money. And do not judge and do not judge, not knowing anything. You are all so flawed and unhappy side. You probably never loved. Love has no age, no status, no conventions”, – she wrote.