“The giveaway in the Kremlin” Moscow is trying to manipulate the decision of the Maritime Tribunal

«Поддавки по-кремлевски»: Москва пытается манипулировать решением Морского Трибунала

A note from the foreign Ministry and the proposal to agree to the prosecution of captured sailors, and to provide guarantees of preservation of physical evidence is a moral mockery of the world and “legal Tsungtsvang” not only for Ukraine, as it may seem, but for the Sea Tribunal.

After Moscow called on Ukraine to agree to the prosecution of prisoners of war, in fact, she has invited the Tribunal to recognize the Russian Crimea, and thereby confirm the fake theory that is developed in the Lubyanka, the lack of jurisdiction of the Tribunal.

The note of the Kremlin’s nothing about the execution of the order, there is a legal nihilism. In fact there about to abandon our children and to recognize the occupation of Crimea, to recognize the absence of aggression, to recognize the seizure of property is legitimate, to recognize the persecution of the ARC normal to give the Black and Azov sea to the Kremlin in a permanent hire for the militarization. Offer to make all the world commit suicide in the name of Imperial ambitions of Russia.

Admittedly it is a strong move and a new method of the Kremlin, with good intentions to build a path to hell. Now the main question, “will swallow” is this Tribunal, recognizing, manipulating, or make a PACE which will restore the voting rights of the Russian Federation.

Despite the beliefs of the world’s politicians that Moscow must fully comply with the verdict of the Tribunal, the word now just for it. Because the requirement was clear – “to release” immediately.

Thus, it should be clear that Moscow cost nothing no life of its own, remember Nemtsov, Litvinenko, and other Skripal, nor the lives of more than 10,000 citizens of Ukraine who were killed in the East of the country regular and hybrid forces of the Russian Federation.

And don’t forget that Putin is KGB, and play on his field or to his tune, without the General adoption of a position as promoting some “peacekeeping” dangerous idea. Life and freedom are sacred, but like Putin is crafty, and beat lying without warning, he extreme aggressor.

And so, here we have to be very careful, because tactical success today can turn into a strategic defeat tomorrow.