The glory of “DeAngelo” showed sexy shots in underwear: 18+

Слава из "НеАнгелов" показала сексуальные кадры в нижнем белье: 18+

Vocalist of the popular group “Neangely” Glory Kaminska likes to surprise their fans spicy images. The other day she showed how lost weight after a special diet that lit up her slender body in underwear.

Despite the intense shooting, participation in the concerts and many interviews Thank Kaminska always finds spare time for fans. In the network she is happy to share the scenes from private life, and even culinary recipes. Don’t forget Glory to demonstrate his seductive body.

So, the star published a hot roller, which boasted a slender figure in dark lace lingerie. The artist used a dramatic filter that added charm frames. So Thank Kaminska decided to demonstrate the efficacy of interval diet.

Briefly about interval fasting. I’m happy with the result, but where to hide the chest. The man said – too skinny, so start interval thedane,
with humor said Thank Kaminska.

In an interview, the star admitted she started dieting after method experienced her mother. Now Thank Kaminska powered for 6 hours – from 12 to 18, and then only drinks water. Just a few weeks, the actress has lost more than 3 pounds and frankly said that weighs 54,2. In addition, Thank noticed that even without regular exercise became slimmer and her skin looks much better. This was confirmed by the subscribers of this blog, who showered the singer with compliments.