The goalkeeper of Tunisia-style Kepi refused to leave the pitch before the penalty shootout: video

Вратарь Туниса в стиле Кепы отказался покидать поле перед серией пенальти: видео

In the 1/8 finals of the Africa Cup of Nations between Ghana and Tunisia almost took the move. The goalkeeper of the national team of Tunisia did not want to leave the field.

Before the penalty shootout coach of Tunisia, Alain Giresse decided to play a trick well-known Dutch coach Louis van Gala. The world Cup in 2014, has replaced the goalkeeper before the penalty and won.

However, goalkeeper of Tunisia Muez Assen didn’t want to leave the field and decided to repeat the act of the goalkeeper London “Chelsea” Kepi.

All the player is persuaded to leave the field. During the penalty shoot-out Muez Assen stood separately from the rest of the team. And looked very upset. But Assen has started to pray during the beating the national team of Tunisia.

The replacement was caused by the fact that the shot is “nice” not recaptured a single penalty at senior level, and Farouk Ben Mustafa, who came on as a substitute, reflects 10 hits in his career. He also is 6 inches taller, which is extremely important in the penalty shoot-out.

The course of the coach of Tunisia has worked and the team won the match. Ben Mustapha parried one blow, which was enough.

After the match the coach of Tunisia confirmed that he had decided to release Ben-Mustapha, because he is good with a penalty.

Now Tunisia will meet in the quarterfinals with the main sensation of the tournament – the Madagascar. Achievement of Tunisia at the African Nations Cup is a participation in the final.