The goalkeeper saved 5 penalty kicks in the match of German Cup and led the team to the semifinals: video

Germany played the match of 1/4 final of the Cup. The most unexpected was the result of the match between “Saarbrücken” and “fortune” from Dusseldorf. And the hero of the match was goalkeeper Daniel Batz.

For a start it is worth noting that the “Saarbrucken” is the fourth power division Germany – Regional League southwest. There’s a team in first place, with the opportunity to climb to the Bundesliga 3.

In the match of 1/4 final the team had to play against a representative of the Bundesliga “Fortuna” from Dusseldorf.

The owners gave a real fight eminent rivals, and it became Bang. In the first half, he deflected a dangerous shot Reuven Hennings. And then “saarbrücken” came forward when Yenika successfully finished a quick counter-attack team.

When the match was nearing the end with the minimum advantage of owners, in their gate was appointed penalty. Punch went Hennings, but lost the duel Batu goalkeeper touched the ball, and he hit the post.

And yet, “fortune” managed to equalize in the match. With the help of his goalkeeper. Customer came to feed from the corner, punched his head after the filing, and Jorgensen played well in this moment, float the ball to the opponents.

Extra time produced no goals so it went to penalties. Here again, the bats showed their skills in this matter. It showed that 4 out 10 hits and led his team to the semifinals of the German Cup.

Watch the video, Daniel Bang repelled five penalty kicks in the match of German Cup

There, a rival team can be a “Bavaria” or winners “Eintracht” – “Bremen” or “Bayer” – “Union Berlin”.