The goals of Sprage and Bulary brought a victory “Dnepr-1” in the match with Olimpik: video

Голы Супряги и Булецы принесли победу "Днепр-1" в матче с "Олимпиком": видео

Голы Супряги и Булецы принесли победу "Днепр-1" в матче с "Олимпиком": видео

“Dnepr-1” on July 5 in the match of 29 Matchday of the championship of Ukraine won the Olympic Donetsk. Victory against Dnipro goals brought the rented Dynamo players Sprage Vladislav and Sergey Bulary.

Marseille – Dnipro-1 0:2

Goals: Supryaga, 2, Buleca, 64

The guests quickly managed to open the scoring in the game, reports 24 channel. Supryaga got the ball in the penalty area and shot into the far corner.

Video goals of Sprage

Very quickly the score could be 2:0. Chekotun parried a direct blow Korkishko’s free-kick. Dnipro powerfully started the match, so “Olympic” for a long time could not cross the center of the field.

Your good moment in the 33rd minute had the “Olympic”. Shahab which appeared on the field due to injury Balanica, hit from afar just in the hands of Klimaka.

After 5 minutes, the time to equalize was Teixeira. After a corner the ball bounced to the Frenchman. He, though, took the ball, shot into the top corner. Goalkeeper of “Dnipro-1” have time to react and hit the ball to the next corner.

40 minute killer ability failed to implement Suprega. Vladislav melee does not beat Chekotun.

At the end of the first half Marseille had another chance to level the score after a corner. Palm barely missed the empty net, though, and beat with a rather acute angle.

After the break, “Dnepr-1” continued to control the ball enough on the second goal. Grishko front of the penalty knocked Koblenko is a dangerous default position. The free kick was masterfully performed Buleca – 2:0.

In the 72 minute one-on-one with the goalkeeper once again popped Supryaga attack but goalkeeper Vladislav Marseille recaptured.

“Olympic” answered another case of Teixeira. The player moved from the left flank and took a shot. The ball flew above the gate.

After the match, “Dnepr-1” continues to hold seventh place. A “Olympic” 10. Shakhtar Donetsk is not in danger, because of the FDA will leave “Karpaty”. Lviv has already missed two games, which involves disqualification.

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