The “Golden” bull. Martovicha sell for a crazy price (photo)

"Золотой" бычок. Мартовика продают по бешеной цене (фото)

Favorite pavamani and not only a bull-whip now will not pomegues. It sells for a fabulous price.

Salty martovicha recent years could not be found. The poachers have played with themselves and “fans” fish is a cruel joke. Uncontrolled extraction during spawning has led to the fact that this species of goby in the Azov sea in our region began to disappear. The good thing, in other areas this fish has no protection status and refers to “causing the least concern.”

Now, few of the merchants decided to buy it because of the fabulous prices. This year is no exception. Martovich fit to be called “gold” fish. One thing this bull at the Kirov market today is from 25 to 40 UAH depending on the size. In the “instances” for 25 hryvnia, as they say – no joy, no sweetness. But for 35-40 hryvnia bulls anywhere. However, they do not particularly enjoy. Two small fish sell for the price of a kilogram of pelengas.

Interestingly, the shortage of martovicha because of its high cost it is observed from year to year. Last year it was not even in the markets Kyrylivka. Vacationers bought it in the neighboring villages Liman and Azov at an incredible price – from 70 UAH per piece! And it is near by the sea.

Note that the price of raw martovicha at Central market last week was 130 hryvnia per kilogram. And then there’s martovce now to get rich. Provided, of course, what it will buy.