The government approved the increase of tariffs for local fixed telephony

Правительство одобрило рост тарифов на местную фиксированную связь

National Commission exercising the state regulation of communications and Informatization, at the meeting today, 26 November, decided to approve the maximum tariffs for public telecommunications services for the period from 1 January 2020. The national Commission has increased the boundary tariffs for public telecommunication services by 10%.

– This solution is developed in accordance with the powers of the national Commission on letter of PJSC “Ukrtelecom” on October 4, this year, which proposed to raise tariffs for public telecommunication services by 10% and the corresponding justification – presented the solution in NCRC. – The draft tariffs were considered at the meeting of the working group on the development of boundary tariffs on 24 October with the participation of representatives of the Antimonopoly Committee of Administration of State special communication service, the USPP, the Joint representative bodies of trade unions and employers. The decision of the national Commission on 5 November, the tariffs were approved and sent for approval to the SPO the SPO employers and the trade unions who agreed on and supported.

Public (universal) telecommunications services – the minimum set defined by the Law “On telecommunications” services standardized quality available to all consumers throughout the territory of Ukraine. To public telecommunications services are connecting end-user equipment to the telecommunications networks of the fixed public communication (universal access), the fixed-line telephony services within the numbering area (local calls) and the call to emergency services, directory services and communication via payphones.

As explained to our reporter, the press service of the Ukrtelecom, the changes include the increase in tariffs for 5-6 UAH per month for a subscriber.

– The necessity of revising the limit of tariffs is connected with increase of cost of services that occurs through no fault of the operator factors such as the rising cost of energy, the prices of material resources and fuel. The proposed changes include the increase in tariffs for 5-6 UAH per month to the subscriber, – explain in a press-service of the initiator of the change of the operator “Ukrtelecom”. – As percents of Ukrtelecom developed on the basis of the maximum tariffs, respectively, the operator will be able to review them.

This solution loses strength the NCCIR decision No. 488 from 18.09.2018, which was previously set limit for the tariffs for public Telecom services.

According to the calculations (considering null and void the decision No. 488 and the increase of tariffs by 10% in the new solution) from the first of January 2020, the marginal tariff for installation of phone. connected to a separate line will be installed at around 110 UAH for legal entities and sole traders, and about 77 hryvnia for individuals. Limit fee for using a basic telephone connected to a separate line, in the towns and village population will grow from UAH from 51.30 to 56.4 UAH (without the hourly charge for local calls) and from 49.8 UAH to UAH 54,6 (hourly local call), in villages – with 47,13 of 52.01 UAH to UAH (without the hourly charge for local calls) and from 45.6 UAH to UAH 50,16 (hourly). All tariffs are indicated without VAT.

By the way, according to the calculations in Ukraine, nearly 3.5 million subscribers of fixed telephony, compared to 50 million mobile subscribers, but the edge rates of mobilisimo NCRC does not regulate.