The government has approved the use of funds for professional development of teachers

Правительство утвердило порядок использования средств на повышение квалификации учителей

From 2020, while advanced training will operate the principle of “money follows the teacher” and teachers will be directly involved in the planning of their professional development.

The necessary changes in the Procedure for qualification of pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers, approved by the government, the press service of the Ministry of education and science.

“The principle “money goes for teacher” was laid down in Order during its adoption in August 2019, but its mechanism needed to be finalized. Now the situation is corrected, and from next year, teachers will be able independently to choose the form, type and place of training. Funds for the development of teachers incorporated in the state subvention nush, a component of the state budget UAH 1.4 billion. In January 2020, it will be clear how much development teachers will receive education and, accordingly, the teachers themselves,” said Minister of education and science Anna Novosad.

In accordance with the Procedure, training will be planned in two stages. In the first stage, the pedagogical Council will adopt a tentative training plan for the next year. It should contain information about the total number of teachers, planning professional development, the main directions and the list of subjects of training. A plan should be formed taking into account proposals of the teachers.

The second stage begins after the approval of budget of the educational institution for the relevant year and the publication of his heads of agencies. Within 15 calendar days thereafter, the teacher will submit the proposal to the training plan containing information about: the subject (direction, name) of the corresponding program (course, lecture, module, etc.), form; the amount (duration); the subject (subjects) of training; cost of training (in case of installation) or on the gratuitous nature of providing educational services.

The proposal, teachers will consider the pedagogical Council, which may specify, for example, with reference to the amount of funds provided for professional development.

Recall the Procedure for qualification of pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical staff provides teachers opportunities for professional development.

So, to improve their skills they can not only in educational institutions and scientific institutions, but also using the services of legal or natural persons, including natural persons – entrepreneurs. Advanced training can take place on special programs or seminars, workshops, trainings, webinars, workshops and internships.

Forms, types and subjects of enhancement of qualification of teachers will choose in accordance with their professional needs.