The government of Sevastopol trying to hide the truth about the bankruptcy of the seaport

В правительстве Севастополя пытаются скрыть правду о банкротстве морского порта

The government of Sevastopol trying to prevent the publication of the results of check of the Sevastopol sea port, announced by the head of the control Department of the government Sergey Yelizarov.

Last week Elizarov, publicly announced that Sevmorput artificially brought to bankruptcy and the city government wants to hide it. Final results of the review conducted by the audit office, he promised to publish in early February.

Vice-Governor of Sevastopol Ilya Ponomarev called all the facts announced Yelizarov, “lies, inspired by oligarchy”. The government is trying to get rid of the rebellious officer and to prevent the announcement of the results of check of Crewe. In return, they promise to spend their alternative check.

“Currently, on the initiative of the government in the composition of the audit Committee includes two members of the accounts chamber of Sevastopol the staff of management of economic safety of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the city of Sevastopol. This ensures unbiased, objective the completion of ongoing testing,” – said Ponomarev.

However, as found out the edition of “the Outpost”, Department of the interior in Sevastopol does not have agreements with the city government about the inspections.

“No agreement with the Ministry of internal Affairs no. They (the government of Sevastopol – ed.) sent them a letter with a proposal to join the test, but no agreements or joint action plans, which says Ilya Ponomarev, currently does not exist”, – said a source in the legal structures.

The test port has promised to hold new its Director Valery Sklyarov, whom the local media believe the protege and the Corporation rostec and government of Moscow.

In this edition of “notes” revealed that the career of a new Director has not always been associated with the sea. In the Ukraine, he was head of the security Department of the Bank, “tech branch” in the Museum-reserve “Chersonese”, the Director of the summer circus.

During the “Russian spring” Sklyarov became a prominent leader of a local self-defense, and after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, his career went in a different direction. At first he worked as a General Director of OOO “Industrial-Transportation Complex “Kerch”, and then he headed the “Sevastopol specialized sea port”.

Its activities in Sevmorput this man’s wonderful destiny to begin with, that fired almost the entire leadership of the company – 17. As if on purpose to complicate the conduct of the announced inspection. It hasn’t started yet, but Sklyarov on local TV channel X is already confidently declared: the government of the city the port is not bankrupt.

Thus we build the line of defense announcement of the results validation of the control Department, which can be published at the end of this week.