The Grand final of season 9 of “Master Chef” 18 the issue: know the name of the winner of the project

In the Grand final of season 9 of “Master Chef” you will learn exclusive details about the participants and what dishes have chosen three finalists for their menu. The main intrigue will be the name of superfinalist and the winner of season 9 of “Master Chef,” which will sound at the end of the release of Hector Jimenez-Bravo

The pending release of the culinary project “Master Chief” for the entire 9-season show. It’s the Grand final of “Master Chef” in which today we find out the winner of season 9, which will be awarded valuable gifts and the Cup of the project. Namely, a cash prize of 500 thousand hryvnia, the course of study in the school of culinary arts Le Cordon Blue and the Cup winner of the season 9 of “Master Chef.”

Sergey Denisov, Lilia Sorokina, or Ruslan Luchkov? One of them will overcome the excitement, will be able to develop their full potential to the max and will become the next “masterchef” Ukraine 9 season – find out today!

The loser will receive nothing but defeat. To support finalists in a heavy battle for the victory, the three leaders came to their friends, relatives and all 20 of the “Master Chef” season 9. Ruslan Luckow came his friends. The guy sad that I couldn’t see my mom, because of illness she was unable to come to the project. To support Lily Sorokin came godmother, sister and friend. Sergey Denisov also supports his sister.

Hector Jimenez-Bravo, Vladimir, Yaroslavl and Lisa Glinsky said in the last 9 season of “Master Chef” speech to the leaders of the season and told me not to worry and go confidently to your goal.

In the super final battle three kijelentem 2.5 hours should make a fine starter, main course and dessert catering sample. The participants sufficient time to prepare his super final menu, they will surprise the three judges of “Master Chef” season 9.

Ruslan Luchkov for a snack chose the roll of seafood on a bed of spinach and peanuts. The main dish of the superfinalist was lamb with a sauce of grapes and capers, garnish the fruit and vegetable. For dessert Rusik prepares a tart with raspberry and orange curd.

Lilia Sorokina for a snack preparing a glass ravioli with seafood sauce and mango-passion fruit in Asian style. Main – sea bass with sauce Galantes and palenta grilled with lemongrass. For dessert, the chocolate sphere in the form of coconut mousse with lavender.

Sergey Denisov for a snack preparing Kuchma. The main course will be fillet of lamb with Georgian Chimichuri. And for dessert, they decided to make Churchkhela, and not in the usual all species, and restaurant manners.

During the tasting the judges dishes prepared by super-finalists of “Master Chef” season 9, there were many comments to almost every cooked dish. The judges were completely honest with the participants and pointed to the smallest error in the dish. The Boy luchkova, Hector Jimenez-Bravo bone found in grapes, which superfinalist not povytaskivali before serving to the judges. Lily, Liza Glinskaya saw coconut chocolate spheres and chocolate was too much. Less comments from the judges was to the dishes Sergey Denisov. Surely he will be the winner of the season 9 “Master Chief”? We learn very soon, because after a short meeting Hector Jimenez-Bravo is already holding in his hand the sealed envelope with the name of the winner!

Judge long passed the envelope from hand to hand and still called the name of the winner! Ready? The winner of season 9 of “Master Chef” became Sergey Denisov. Congratulations chef!

The Grand final of season 9 of “Master Chef” coming soon…online