The gray in his beard – his childhood in the soul. “Senile” Kirkorov scares Orbakaite

Седина в бороду - детство в душу. «Старческий маразм» Киркорова пугает даже Орбакайте

Wailing for the whole Park the king of pop had disgraced the family.

Despite the divorce of Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite with her stepfather maintains a close relationship. They are often seen traveling together, holidays do not miss each other, talk a lot, and their kids really friendly. Kirkorov the only relatives have not missed a birthday of his stepdaughter and it is not surprising that her family and Philip was invited to the amusement Park and have fun together to celebrate the birthday of Martin in the family circle.

The singer did not refuse her stepfather and arrived in the gorgeous amusement Park Toy Story Land. However, the impression was that the most fun children’s attractions got himself the king of pop, because nobody rejoiced louder than it. The gray in his beard – his childhood in the soul of just about Philip, because the “whiter” it is the beard, the more he falls into silly childish. Looks like Christine quickly regretted his visit, because she was obviously embarrassed by the behavior of her stepfather.

Judging by the pictures in Instagram of the singer getting it seems that Kirkorov took possession of a “senile”, which scares even Aguilera. Since the inception in the Park Philip did not cease to wail loudly and enthusiastically shouting inarticulate sounds. He constantly chanted the names of their satellites in the American style, tried unsuccessfully to speak English publicly was built by faces and tried to capture all Stories.

If children are tolerant to the antics of Philip and asked him to switch phone on them, Orbakaite behavior of the stepfather obviously frightened. She always eschewed the singer tried to hide from him to avoid disgrace, ignored the man, but all unsuccessfully – the more she showed indifference, the harder and louder it became Philip.

Pop-king of 52 years, but given the crazy schedule of the singer and creative nature it is possible that he began to be old ahead of mental age, which explains the strangeness in his behavior.

Седина в бороду - детство в душу. «Старческий маразм» Киркорова пугает даже Орбакайте