The grenade explosion occurred in Kharkov.

Взрыв гранаты произошел в Харькове, есть погибшие

The grenade explosion occurred on the evening of 18 may in Kyiv. As a result of incident two men were killed and the third is in the hospital with numerous injuries.

To the police about the incident reported at 23.42 – residents of the district Kosolapova said that near the house No. 40 on the street Dvinskoy the explosion occurred.

From the received traumas has died the 36 and 38-the summer man. Another victim was taken to a medical facility with multiple shrapnel wounds to the head and torso. His condition doctors estimate as satisfactory.

This is not the first grenade explosion in the Kharkiv region in recent years. In early 2017, with a breakdown of the people killed on the street of Feuerbach in Kharkov and oril’ka village of the Lozovsky area. In 2018, a grenade exploded in an apartment on the street Peter Svinarenko. Then the man accidentally threw a grenade on the floor, resulting in sustained fatal injuries. In January 2018, a grenade exploded at the box woozle pharmacy – injured woman and child.

In April of this year, a grenade exploded in Novozabarska area: man threw her in a cab – the driver was seriously injured. Last week on the bus Kharkov-Chuguev man threatened explosion after a conflict with a woman. Another passenger caught him the explosive object and held until disposal.