The group of ambassadors of the G7 published a plan of support for reform in Ukraine

Группа послов G7 опубликовала план поддержки реформ в Украине

It includes five blocks.

The group of ambassadors of the G7 to support reforms in Ukraine announced the priorities for 2020. First of all will be to maintain the rule of law and the fight against corruption, States on page G7AmbReformUA on Twitter.

This includes, among other things, the modernization of the judiciary, strengthening the accountability and independence of the courts, support the WAX in making him the first convictions for high level corruption, reform of the GPU at the regional and local level, and reforms aimed at strengthening the protection of media freedom and personal data.

In the “good governance” are going to develop training to economic development and reintegration in the East of Ukraine and the sea of Azov, to implement the decentralization reform in accordance with European requirements, the new electoral code and reform of the public administration at all levels.

Economic growth will be supported by reform of tax and customs services, energy reform, development of policy framework and implementation of the programme of privatization of state enterprises, a strong and independent Central Bank, the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU, further efforts to improve the business and investment climate.

For human development, the ambassadors of the G7 will promote the protection of victims of conflict, freedom of movement and access to basic services, the implementation of the recommendations of the Venice Commission, the introduction of reforms in healthcare, pensions and education, as well as integration of gender equality in reform programs.

For security and defense will support the implementation of the law on national security, the transition from civilian control and democratic accountability of the APU, the reform of the security sector, including the SBU, the national police and the National guard, as well as the development and implementation of mechanisms for analyzing trade and investment to protect national security.

Группа послов G7 опубликовала план поддержки реформ в Украине

Группа послов G7 опубликовала план поддержки реформ в Украине