The growth of prices in Ukraine can be stopped: the experts have called the conditions

Рост цен в Украине остановить можно: эксперты назвали условия

Despite the sharp rise in vegetable prices, the Ukrainians are not threatened by catastrophic inflation. This opinion was expressed by economist of economic strategy Center Daria Myhaylishyna, reports Today.

She noted that the rise in prices of vegetables kompensiruet lower prices for other consumer goods, for example, fruit and eggs. In addition, the country was growing wages – average salary in February-2019 9429 amounted to UAH, which is 20% more than in February 2018.

“Restrained inflation is the result of a stable hryvnia exchange rate, high interest rates of the NBU and a moderate budget deficit – that is, prudent fiscal and monetary policy. Customized price growth in the past year wage growth: the Ukrainians were, respectively, began to buy more goods, and this weighed on prices upward,” explained Myhaylishyna.

She recalled that in 2019, the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) forecasts a slowdown in inflation to 6%, and by 2020 to 5%. When Myhaylishyna warned that to implement such a forecast will require compliance with certain conditions.

“The predictions come true, but only if it will not increase unjustified expenditures of the budget, and the budget law-2020 will be adopted in time. Also an important factor for the economic and inflation stability will be a continuation of the program IMF: Ukraine needs very large sums to foreign creditors, without the support of the Fund we will not be able to pay them,” explained Myhaylishyna.

The specialist stressed that there are external risks for economic stability of Ukraine. It is a potential slowdown in global economic growth and a possible drop in prices of our main export commodities – iron ore, metals, grains, as well as the loss of income from gas transit and the Russian aggression.

Recall that in April 2019, the inflation in Ukraine amounted to 8.8% compared to the same month in 2018. Compared to December 2018 inflation amounted to 3.4%, and by March 2019 – 1%.

While the Ukrainians angered by record high prices for vegetables for the soup. People are waiting for the new crop and try to avoid vegetable counters: