The guarantee Fund spoke about the schemes of the famous banker in “Fidobank”

Фонд гарантирования рассказал о схемах известного банкира в "Фидобанке"

Assets of PJSC “Fidobank” “on paper” was worth almost 9 billion UAH, and at the conclusion of the independent appraisers of the value of their barely exceeded 2 billion.

“The value of the assets to PJSC “Fidobank” in the evaluation were almost 5 times lower than what was shown in the balance sheet of the reporting Bank: if the “on paper” assets worth almost 9 billion UAH, in the opinion of independent appraisers value their barely exceeded 2 billion UAH”, – stated in the message.

According to the Director of the Department of investigation of wrongful acts DGF Catherine Misnik, one of the atypical fraud was a translation of “Fidobank” in July 2015 at the expense of some of the Cyprus company to the Bank of New York 3.8 million dollars in royalties for using the trademark of the Bank.

Also, one of the first and the biggest fraudulent schemes in “Fidobank” became pseudoinfection activity around the acquisition of its owner in 2013, “Erste Bank”.

Also, supposedly, to improve the financial condition of the Bank was lent 1.5 billion controlled by the factoring company, the Directors of which were employees of security service “Fidobank”.


National Bank of 18 July 2016, has decided to revoke the banking license and liquidation of “Fidobank”.

20 may the Board of the National Bank adopted the decision on the attribution of “Fidobank” insolvent.

As of 20 may 2016 the ultimate beneficiary of “Fidobank” was Alexander Adarich.

The main investigation Department of the National police carries out pre-judicial investigation in criminal proceedings on the fact of embezzlement of funds “Fidobank”, done by the officials of the Bank in especially large sizes.

Фонд гарантирования рассказал о схемах известного банкира в "Фидобанке"