The gun warehouse was blown up, pieces fell from the embassies of: “utilization”

Склад с оружием взлетел на воздух, осколки падали у посольств: «утилизация»

After a powerful explosion shells in a protected green zone, where government offices and diplomatic missions

The incident happened in Baghdad.

In the capital of Iraq on Monday, 12 August, at the warehouse of weapons and ammunition was a severe explosion, reports Sky News Arabia.

The explosion occurred near the Abu Dashir, one of the military bases of the Shiite militia.

The explosion was so powerful that fragments and unexploded shells falling into the government quarter, which is very carefully guarded. In particular, the fragments fell near the U.S. Embassy, which even included sirens.

Whether there are victims, not yet reported.

Some local sources claim that the explosion occurred as a result of recycling of old ammunition.

As we wrote earlier, on Saturday, August 10, at the 40th kilometer of the ring road in the Russian capital Moscow exploded of the electric car Tesla. About it write the Russian mass media, the footage of the horrific event on the road is also released by the witnesses on the network.

It is known that the fire happened very quickly, but this was preceded by a collision with a tow truck: “Before that, the car collided with a tow truck – is known about the three injured passengers of the electric car”.

It is also known that the car was a Director of the company “Arikapital” Alexey Tretyakov, and his two children. Tretyakov quite well-known within the Russian capital entrepreneur.

“Now the man is in a serious condition in reanimation”, – reported sources.

“During a trip he (the driver of the Tesla – ed.) was distracted by children,” said an acquaintance of the victim in the accident of a businessman.

Earlier also it was reported that the star of the popular Ukrainian TV show made a fatal accident near Odessa. Ford, at the wheel which was 42-the summer Sergey Triscina – the star of the show “Hut on Tata” – I rammed the car with his family.

“The culprit is Triscina Sergey Viktorovich was born in 1977. Previously, he starred in the TV show “the Hut on Tata,” – said a friend of the victims Natalia Emelyanova.

Also Politeka wrote that a powerful explosion occurred at the plant, a black “mushroom” up over the city: scary video damage.

Склад с оружием взлетел на воздух, осколки падали у посольств: «утилизация»