The hackers tried to turn off the light on the “Olympic” during the Champions League final

Хакеры пытались отключить свет на "Олимпийском" во время финала ЛЧ

“Attacking the substation to the opening match off the light. And the attack was powerful.”

Hacker group affiliated with the Russian special services tried to turn off the light at the NSC “Olympic” during the Champions League final, held in 2018 in Kiev.

In an interview with said the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, speaking about the cyber threats to the elections in Ukraine.

“I think that we will be able to defend themselves and the presidential and parliamentary elections, without canceling that attack will be. Did you know that during the finals of the Champions League in Kiev was carried out the attack on the power system that fueled the stadium? Attacked by the substation so that at the opening match off the light. And the attack was powerful,” said the Minister.

At the stadium NSK “Olympic” for a few hours before the match, several times disappeared to the light and observed the disruption of the Internet.

“Ukraine is a polygon of largest cyber attacks in history of mankind, from the Black Energy and ending with the virus NotPetya, the consequences of which are more disastrous than is generally assumed in the society”, – said Avakov.

He believes that in this regard to exclude the possibility of an attack on the server of the CEC is impossible.

“Of course, these risks exist. But I would divide the question into two – external and internal. Because some staffs say about the likelihood of parallel servers – this has already happened. The other – the attack on the CEC will be external. Then this issue deals with the service of Mr. evdoshenko – state special connection service. In the SBU there is the defense of the attacking unit. In this case, there is a powerful cybercrimes. Which, in particular, provides for prevention of such attacks. There is coordination between all the bodies, and they are monitoring the situation closely,” – said Avakov.